Case Study

UK Autolinks

  • Industry: Bodyshop
  • Product: Authorised Funding
  • Owner: Tania Davis

ACG chats with co-owner Tania Davis, from UK Autolinks, to talk about their working relationship and how it’s promoted administrative efficiencies and cost savings, strengthening opportunities for growth.

Tell us about UK Autolinks?

UK Autolinks celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023, from our early days we’ve been fortunate to experience respectable growth figures and managed to weather the storm that was the pandemic. We offer a full range of services for our customers and pride ourselves on delivering a smooth experience for all parties involved in the repair.

How long have you worked with ACG?

We first came across ACG at an industry event, and from then we’ve continued to work together. Not only is ACG’s funding service first-class, but they’re incredible for the support, knowledge sharing and introductions. From the moment we first opened our doors, they have really helped us progress our business in so many ways.

Which ACG product(s) do you use?

ACG’s authorised funding product is now an integral part of our overall accounts process. Their rapid funding solution ensures we’re never waiting around for payment from insurers and the monies owed to us is sat in our bank account within 24 hours, guaranteeing our working capital is at a healthy figure.

How does ACG impact your day-to-day running of your bodyshop?

With any expanding company, there comes some growing pains and costly expenses. However, with ACG’s funding solutions it has enabled us to keep administration costs down, saving the business money and streamlining our processes. The overall savings we’ve probably been able to achieve through working with ACG is enormous, but it’s meant we’ve avoided taking out costly debts, like business loans, putting us in a stronger position to expand to larger premises in the future.  We’re now at a point where we’re ready to move onto our next site, due to space and capacity of work we have in our current bodyshop is at a maximum.

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